The EASYDRIFT rings are mounted on a dedicated tire meeting the size criteria defined in a downloadable document below:

The EASYDRIFT DTS rings are installed on dedicated tires matching the exact criteria detailed in a downloadable document below.  These tires are solely dedicated for fitment of the rings.  Most of our DTS will fit multiple rim sizes as long as you respect the designated tire size and reference.

The EASYDRIFT DTS does not fit over the original tire of the vehicle, but on a set of wheels dedicated for this activity.

See tire chart:

The following tools and equipment are required for installation:

– A valve core remover

– An air compressor with a high flow (CFM)

– A Easydrift Tire vacuum/Inflator/Gauge.

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See Installation video :

The set up is done as follows :

– Make sure the tire tread is clean.


– Position rim and tire flat on ground, the outer side facing upward.


– Remove the valve core until air is depleted.

– Place the EASYDRIFT ring on the tire by positioning the outer lip upwards.


– Use the “Tire Vacuum” to drain the air out of the tire. At the same time, press the ring firmly onto the tire until the lip of the ring evenly touches the outer side of the tire.


– Inflate the tire to the maximum pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

For more information on the installation procedure, you can now download our detailed PDF on the installation of EASYDRIFT rings.

For more information on the installation procedure, you can download our different installation and information guide.