Founded in 1996, the GPX emblem now includes a group of 4 companies. The profession of GPX is the express transport. AGENT TNT for all DOM, GPX provides express transport of folds and parcels in Dom and more than 200 countries. Each overseas department is covered by our own network providing our services to the most distant localities of their territory. “Door-to-door” express transport means that the items are taken over from the sender’s place of residence until the delivery of parcels or the package to the recipient’s home.


The added value of GPX relies on a capacity to listen to extraordinary local markets, thanks to a policy of close customer proximity. The commercial activity of the group is essentially in B to B.


Today, GPX is one of the major express actor in the local economy where the company is present (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane and Réunion).