UTAC CERAM, a private and independent group, offers services in all areas of land mobility: Regulation and Homologation, Testing and Technical Expertise (environment, safety, endurance-reliability), Certification, Events and driving training.


380 collaborators work at two test centers in Linas-Montlhéry (Essonne) and Mortefontaine (Oise), as well with our customers in France and abroad, or through our subsidiaries in Russia and China.


The UTAC brand is dedicated to all institutional activities by grouping the regulatory, certification, technical control and certification services.


The CERAM brand is dedicated to all technical development & validation activities by bringing together all the skills and associated resources of the Linas Montlhéry and Mortefontaine sites.

The areas addressed by CERAM are the environment (energy, emissions, noise, vibrations and electromagnetic compatibility), active and passive safety as well as endurance and reliability. All track activities are all integrated ways to CERAM.